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Stanton - Dave Shawver

Mayor David Shawver
Mayor David Shawver

Tax and fee increases have gotten out of control for some time and in too many cases they are increased without a vote of the people. Dave Shawver has quite a record of raising taxes and fees especially in Stanton:

1994 - 2001 - Council Member Shawver did not let Stanton voters vote on the utility tax from the time he got into office in 1994 until 2001.

1997 - Shawver supported the Stanton parcel tax.

2001 - Shawver supported the Stanton utility tax.

2008 - Shawver voted for 5 years of increases on the county sewer fee while serving as Stanton's representative on the County Sanitation District Board. This was done without a vote of the people.

2010 - Shawver voted for an increase in Stanton's trash franchise fee without the vote of the people.

2012 - Shawver voted to place a 50% increase on the Utility Tax on the Stanton ballot. This would have pushed the utility tax from 5% to 7.5%. This utility tax is also on cellphones.

2012 - Shawver voted to place a 7.5% tax on Stanton's cable television on the Stanton ballot. This is in addition to the franchise fee that is already on the bill which was put on there without a vote of the people.

2012 - Major fundraising and campaigning in favor of the 50% utility tax increase leads back to Jennifer Shawver. It looks like tax raising runs in the family.

2012 - Shawver promoted the Measure G bond which increased property tax bills. This was the Savanna school bond but just 17 months earlier Savanna sold Mary Perez School to Stanton for $12.5 million so was an increase in the property tax bill really necessary?

2013 - Shawver voted for 5 years of increases on the county sewer fee while serving as Stanton's representative on the County Sanitation District Board. In 2008 the fee was $199 and now in 2017 it will be $339. Again, this was done without a vote of the people.

2014 - Dave Shawver put the Stanton Sales Tax Increase on the November 2014 Stanton ballot which passed making it the highest sales tax in Orange County.

2015 - Dave Shawver increased the Stanton trash fee without the vote of the people. Again Stanton is near the top of rates charged out of all cities in Orange County and about 25% higher than Tustin which uses the same trash hauler.

2016 - Dave Shawver raised the fees on the local Stanton sewer tax multiple times over the past few years without a vote of the people. Notice this is in addition to the county sewer fee he has been increasing as well.

2016 - Dave Shawver worked to stop the rescinding of the Stanton Sales Tax with the use of the "Talk On The Block" community meeting.

2017 - In Stanton there is also a cable TV franchise fee, SoCal Edison franchise fee, lighting and landscaping fee, protective service fee... Who knows where all these fees came from since it's difficult to keep track of them all and too many times Stanton Residents we not allowed to vote on these fees.

1994 - Dave Shawver promoted this message, "I have always fought against the utility user's tax. And it appears no one on the council has even taken a look at other resources, because it's easy to keep spending our tax dollars.". Council Member Shawver has been on the Stanton Council from 1994 to present and so has this utility tax. Why hasn't Dave Shawver kept his promise?

Do not re-elect this candidate. Look around the city and see for yourself... It appears that Dave Shawver has had a dramatic negative impact on our city and has not followed through on 100% of his major campaign promises in over 20 years.

Taxes - Did not keep his promise of 'no new taxes'. He promised us that he would eliminate the Utility Users Tax which is on our cell phones, water, electricity, gas, home phones, etc. BUT he voted to place a 50% increase of our Utility Tax on our ballot in June 2012! He put the Sales Tax Increase on our November 2014 ballot (measure GG)! He supported the Stanton parcel tax in 1997 and supported the Stanton utility tax in 2001. Stanton can not afford 4 more years of Dave Shawver!

Rule #1: Do not vote for any council member that
is trying to increase your taxes!

Safety Services
- Cut funding to our Sheriff and Fire departments in 2012 leading to less sworn officers, crime supression and fire personel. Our taxes didn't go down but our safety services did! In over 20 years in office he takes lots of credit for crime reductions due to fautly statistics and still fails to acknowlege that we are high in violent crime. Where is his plan?

Business Retention
- Visual observation has shown more businesses closed on Beach Blvd. and around the city. Some highlights include the closure of Ralphs Grocery, 2 Albertsons, Sizzler, Freshia, Red Robin and what used to be major shopping centers are now almost completly vacant. We have only one major grocery store left and gas stations are closed throughout the city. This reduces our sales tax base and now he put a sales tax on the ballot! Don't be fooled. Don't vote for Dave Shawver.

- We are always at the top of unemployment out of all Orange County cities! The loss of Stanton businesses is reducing employment opportunities for our community. We need jobs for our family members, are neighbors and our community! We need a real plan for employment opportunities.

Dave Shawver Stanton

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