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Why Stanton Is The Way It Is

The City of Stanton will never change. There will never be a real attempt to rid our city of debris and graffiti. But it's not because Stanton Residents like debris and graffiti. It's because of the type of leadership that Stanton has (or doesn't have).

city of stanton

For example, this picture above was taken on 09-09-2008. I noticed this couch dumped on the side of the road and wondered how long it would take for the city to remove it, have it removed or whatever.


city of stanton

This picture above was taken on 09/18/2008. Notice that one of our current elected officials put his sign up next to the couch. One would think that it would be removed immediately that day, right?


city of stanton

This picture above was taken on 10-20-2008. Notice that another sign appeared on the other side of the fence now. This sign too was from one of our current elected officials (David Cadena). One would think that the couch would be removed immediately after that, right?

city of stanton

This picture above was taken on 11/04/2008. This is Election Day. After the election maybe these elected officials and/or their running mates will have the couch removed. They should notice the couch is still there when they come back to get their election signs, right?

city of stanton

This picture above was taken on 12/13/2008. Notice after the election that the all signs are removed but the couch and road sign were not.

city of stanton

This picture above was taken on 10/25/2008. Notice that this political sign is on Beach Blvd. has graffiti on it and it remained that way until the end of the election. The winners of the 2008 city council election were incumbent Ethans and his running mate Warren. Also notice the run-down shack in the background. Ask yourself... with this kind of "lack of action" do you think our elected officials care enough to fix our neighborhood or will it remain filled with debris, graffiti and run-down buildings? From looking at the pictures above and looking around our neighborhoods I think we all know the answer to that question.

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