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Stanton - March 3 Home Inspections

What is going on in the OC Newspaper? Yet another half-page article from the city trying to explain away yet another mistake. In the article our mayor pro-tem tries to explain that these inspections will not increase taxes but then let's us know there is a fee for the inspection. Is a fee a tax or just another word for basically the same thing?

This new fee (tax) is supposed to increase the quality of our neighborhoods but doesn't explain how. If our council would fix our crime, unemployment, utility tax, and business retention wouldn't that increase the quality of our neighborhoods? How come they won't work on these issues?

The article goes on to say that this new ordinance is basically the same as our current ordinances. Then why have more laws if there are already laws in place to address the issue?

The article also says that the city can't stop a person from selling their home. But it doesn't point out that if this happens and the home is not inspected then it is a misdemeanor. How would you, your sales agent, your sales broker and your title agent like some jail time for selling your home that wasn't inspected?

Our mayor pro-tem points out that nobody showed up to the council meeting to complain about the new ordinance. Well, it wasn't on the agenda so people can show up but it won't be discussed so why would residents attend the meeting? Besides, it wouldn't do any good anyway since nobody has been voted off of the council in at least 15 years so they have little reason to care what we want.

Ask yourself 1 question: Who has lied to us over and over again? Pacific West Association of Realtors or our city council?

Oh, on a different note. The OC Newspaper had another article that discussed all the agencies our council members have been appointed to across the county. It's good to know that our council is willing to mess up the rest of the county like they have done around our city.

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