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Stanton - December 2, 2005 William Bill Estrada

Bill Estrada: I failed to address the issues of crime, unemployment, utility tax, and business retention for over a decade.

Finally our council member William Bill Estrada quits taking a tax-payer-paid paycheck for doing a piss-poor job for our city. That's the good news. The bad news is that we still have other slackers on our council that are continuing to do nothing but collect a check.

Our council, for over a decade and probably longer, has failed to even create a plan of action to address the issues of crime, unemployment, utility tax, and business retention. Instead of working on these issues, which Bill has had about 15 years to do, he is quitting. Thanks Bill.

According to the Orange County News he is quitting because of lack of time due to his full time job. But some would say that's a bunch of B.S. Someday, and maybe soon, you too will know the real reason.

Anyway, now it is time for other non-promise-keeping council members, like Dave Shawver and Brian Donahue to appoint yet another do-nothing council member.

If you have inside information on the real reason why Bill Estrada quit then send us a message.


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