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Stanton - September 13, 2005 City Council Appointment

I am making an Appointment for City of Stanton I too am making an Appointment for City of Stanton

Some would say that it is not a good idea to have only these two council members on the ad-hoc committee to recommend an appointment to city council. It is not difficult to see why some would have this opinion:

In over 10 years Dave and Brian still have not kept their promise(s) to get rid of the utility users tax.

Again, in July 2005, the City of Stanton is number 2 in unemployment .

It is difficult not to notice that there are closed businesses all throughout the city. Review some recent pictures from around the city here.

Crime continues to be an issue. According to a 2004 Orange County Register article it was reported that, "Sheriff's officials failed to report thousands of crimes since 2000, making Orange County crime rates appear lower than they actually were, crime statistics and interviews show." For more information see July 21, 2004 Orange County Register article entitled: "O.C. crime rate much higher than reported; Sheriff's Department blames software and human error for mishandling of 15,000 reports."

We used to be number 1 in crime years ago. Read more on this page here.

Streets have gone on far too long in disrepair.

It wouldn't seem fair to blame the city manager since the City Council recently gave him such a great compensation package for doing such a great job. Read more about it by clicking here: City Manager Salary $144k a Year?


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Stanton city hall is located at 7800 Katella Ave. The Stanton city hall main phone number is 714-379-9222. Stanton city hall is located next to the OC Library Stanton branch and the Stanton Sheriff's Department. Parking for Stanton city hall is located just south of Stanton city hall. Stanton city hall is closed every Friday, most days in December, and many Monday holiday's throughout the year.



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