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Stanton - Friday, April 29, 2005

According to the Orange County Newspaper, "Stanton city Council came to terms with City Manager John F. Wager Jr. in April with a new contract. The proposal set the base monthly salary at $11,877 effective May1. July 1, 2006, and each year after that the base salary will be increased by 3 and one half percent"

"$142k a year for what?", says Kevin an area resident. "We are such a small city with the second highest employment in the county, business are closed throughout the city, graffiti is everywhere, we have a continued tax on all utilities and the council rewards the city manager with $142k a year with a $5k a year pay increase? What kind of logic is this?"

"The employment agreement extends the termination and severance pay clause from 6 to 12 months", according to the Orange County Newspaper.

"I'll bet many Stanton residents would love to enter an employment contract that includes a 12 month termination and severance pay clause", says Kevin. "Our council lost focus many years ago and needs to work on what is important to us Stanton residents".


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