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STANTON: High local taxes but we promise to get it right this time... Click here to read more.


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Josh Newman Recall Election

The tax and fee increases in this bill will be a direct tax on those groups that have not been doing their part to feed the kitty. The bill (well, law, now that Gov. Brown has signed it) raises the gas excise tax on all of California’s 25.5 million drivers.

SACRAMENTO - Three counties have received enough valid signatures to trigger a recall election that could remove a Fullerton senator from office and end a Democratic supermajority in the California Legislature, according to counts released Friday.

Election officials in three counties say they've verified enough signatures for the recall to proceed. State law gives Secretary of State Alex Padilla 10 days to certify them.

Quirk-Silva & Newman Throw Taxpayers Under Brown’s Train

Our local statewide electeds, Josh Newman (D. 29th State Senate District) & Sharon Quirk-Silva (D. Assembly District 65), have opted to vote to increase vehicle registration fees, gas taxes and add a new tax on zero emission cars

Senator Josh Newman was the deciding vote in passing the recent $5.2 billion gas tax increase.

Thanks to Senator Newman, California gas taxes will soon be the second-most expensive in the nation.

And that's not all. Taxpayers will also get hit with a huge car tax increase.

In total, Senator Newman's vote will cost many California families almost $300 more next year and over $400 more in just a few years.

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