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STANTON: High local taxes but we promise to get it right this time... Click here to read more.


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It is unfortunate for us that our council members' inability to follow the rules will continue to get us into further trouble in the courts. This above-the-law-approach to running our city can only hurt us residents as they continue to use our tax money to defend their actions in court instead of using our money for our much needed high priority services like the Sheriff and Fire Departments which they cut earlier this year. See the photo above. It is against the California Elections Code to campaign within 100 feet of a polling place.
Also, it is against our municipal code to have more than one campaign sign per parcel. And it is against our municipal code to have a sign in the public right of way. Al Ethans can't say he was not aware of this because it appears that the signage ordinance was updated in 2000 and 2009 while he was in office. Also, while he was running in 1996 when the ordinance was implemented. It is not unusual for our council members to break the rules like these so most of the time this wouldn't be an issue but our city stopped a new business from opening by not accepting their application until after a church filed their application first and now our city is getting sued over it. It is against our municipal code to open an adult cabaret within 300 feet of a church. So, if our elected officials don't follow their own municipal code, or California Elections Code and they work against a business that they don't like and appear to act in concert against that business then what do you think a judge is going do about the arrogance and inconsistency of our city's actions? And who do you think is going to have to continue to pay for it? Making more municipal codes (link to code here) when we already have cabaret laws on our books and Al Ethans speaking badly about a business they know nothing about will only get our city into more trouble. Our city currently has similar businesses like Fuzzy Bears, Venus nightclub and very fancy looking Earmark Entertainment (adult bookstore) which are fine establishments and this website gives each of them 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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