City Of Stanton News

City Of Stanton News

City Of Stanton News
city of stanton news

Time to get new two-year parking permits...

City hall is only open a few days this week then will be closed for the rest of the year so get your parking permit now.

From Stanton social media:

Parking Permits are now available for purchase! Stop by City Hall's Public Works counter to purchase your 2024/2025 Parking Permits.

Please be sure to provide a physical copy of one of the following valid forms of identification:

Driver's License with current address
A utility bill (trash, water, gas, or SCE)
A rental or mortgage agreement

Limit 3 parking permits per residence

City Of Stanton News

City Of Stanton News
city of stanton news

Stanton, CA - Beach Blvd. And Chapman Ave.

This photo was taken about two weeks after the multiple fires around US Bank in Stanton.

Notice the homeless encampments grew larger and are set up all day and our Stanton city council continues to refuse to create a real plan to help folks off the streets.

City Of Stanton News

City Of Stanton News
city of stanton news

Our Stanton city council continues to struggle...

At the last Stanton city council meeting it can be seen from the agenda that our city council continues to struggle to find a solution to what they believe is their biggest problem. The problem is so big they have had multiple meetings, they have taken multiple angles at fixing their biggest problem, and news articles have been written about this major issue over the past year and still no real solution has been found. But, they continue to use your resources to find a solution.

What is our city council's biggest issue that they are so focused on you ask? What are they focusing your resources and tax money on so they can solve their biggest problem? Any guesses? Now, you already know they are not at all focused on OUR biggest issues such as prostitution in neighborhoods, homelessness, lack of decent-wage full-time jobs, too much high-density housing, lack of adequate resources such as electricity, gas, water, yearly sewage spills, gridlocked roads.... naw, city council only brings up these issues when they want to get re-elected.

So, what is our city council's biggest issue they are spending so much time and resources on? Keeping the mayor in office. LOL. Yeah, they are struggling to find a way around term limits for the mayor. They have considered becoming a charter city. They have considered adding another council member seat. They have considered putting something on our ballot so the mayor can avoid the term limit. They have been working on this over the past year or more. They are doing everything but face the fact that we already voted 75% in favor of term limits and that's their problem. They really don't care what you want. They really don't care what you want. Yes, I said this twice for emphasis.

Oh, just a little 'heads up' on what a charter city means to you. Right now Huntington Beach, which is a charter city, has a voter ID law on their upcoming March ballot. The law will also include watching who is voting at the ballot boxes. State Senator Dave Min called this law likely illegal while others say the voter ID provision violates state law and would result in voter suppression. Read more about it here and here. For one reason or another lower income folks are sometimes without a valid ID and Stanton has the lowest median household income out of all of the working-class cities in the OC so I suspect this is something that could really affect the vote in our city.

You may not know that Orange County has had an issue in the past with what some would call voter suppression. On voting day in a tight race for the state assembly "uniformed personnel to monitor polls" were hired by the candidate to act as "poll guards" to help with "voter security". So, voter suppression and intimidation is nothing new in the OC. Read more about it here.

Anyway, some people are really good at getting elected to office and "fine-tuning" the voting process. Those running for office collect large sums of money from donors and once elected taxes get raised on the residents and businesses that seem to favor those doners. Some might say this is what has been happening with our trash fee and keeps honest folks like you and me out of politics.

Oh, you probably don't remember in Stanton our city council did some "fine-tuning" with one of our elections recently. They voted to put a tax on our ballot in a special election then moved most of the usual polling places leaving voters wondering where their polling place went. And guess what... that tax passed since very, very few turned out for the election.

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Stanton California city hall address: 7800 Katella Ave. The Stanton city hall main phone number is 714-379-9222. Stanton city hall is located next to the OC Library Stanton branch and the Stanton Sheriff's Department. Parking for Stanton city hall is located just south of Stanton city hall. Stanton city hall is closed every Friday, most days in December, and many Monday holiday's throughout the year. The city of Stanton California is a city in Orange County, CA. The city of Stanton CA is about 3.4 square miles. The city of Stanton CA has nearly 40,000 residents. The city of Stanton California is between Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm. The city of Stanton California is just a few miles from the Pacific Ocean. The main streets for the city of Stanton CA are Beach Blvd. and Katella Avenue. The city of Stanton California is known for Adventure City, Stanton Indoor Swapmeet, Pick Your Part, Thai Nakorn Resturant, Orco Block, CR&R Recycler, Super King, and Harry's Cafe.