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…it is very important for me to continue to oppose any new taxes and work towards the total elimination of our utility users tax. (He has done nothing but back tax increases like in 1997, 2001 and 2012!)

Alex Ethans 1996 Elections

Al Ethans

Utility Tax - Did not keep his promise of 'no new taxes' as always. Voted to place a 50% increase on our ballot in June 2012. Supported the Stanton parcel tax in 1997, Supported the Stanton utility tax in 2001.

Business Retention
- Visual observation has shown more businesses closed on Beach Blvd. and around the city. Some highlights include the closure of Ralphs Grocery, 2 Albertsons, Sizzler, Freshia, Red Robin and what used to be major shopping centers are almost completly vacant. This reduces our sales tax base.

- Stanton businesses are gone which reduces employment opportunities for our community. We went from #2 in unemployment to #1 under his watch and still has not created a plan for employment opportunities in over 16 years.

Safety Services
- Al has cost us taxpayers over a $1,000,000 of funding to our Sheriff and Fire departments leading to less sworn officers, crime supression and fire personel. Our taxes didn't go down but our safety services did.

Other - It has been uncovered that his home addresses was used for the recent campaign that would have increased our utility taxes by over 50%. If it were up to him a family of 5 would be paying around $500 a year on the city utility tax and cell phone tax combined.


Notes: Do not reelect this candidate. Al Ethans has had a dramatic negative impact on our city and has not followed through on all of his major campaign promises.


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