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Stop the Stanton Sales Tax
Stop the Stanton Sales Tax Scam! A higher tax will not create jobs. Taxing us residents more will not bring in more businesses. Many say that customers will shop a nearby city rather than shop where the sales tax is higher. What do you think this is going to do to gas prices, soda, restaurant food, etc.?

A sales tax increase will not be used for safety services. The money you pay will be put into the general fund right along with the other money. Remember this is the same argument they used to pass our utility taxes and cell phone taxes. Don't forget that we already passed a special Protective Service tax back in the 80's. What happened to that money?

We cannot afford to lose more employers and jobs. We cannot afford to pay for life-time medical benefits for city employees. We cannot afford to pay more for high employee salaries and retirement packages in our small city. Stop the Stanton Sales Tax Scam this November, 2014!


Rule #1: Do not vote for any council member that
is trying to increase your taxes!

Stanton Sales Tax

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Stop the Stanton Sales Tax
Stop the Stanton Sales Tax
Stop the Stanton Sales Tax
Stop the Stanton Sales Tax