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My Goal is to review it annually and eventually eliminate it completely.

Bill Estrada 1996 Elections

…it is very important for me to continue to oppose any new taxes and work towards the total elimination of our utility users tax.

Alex Ethans 1996 Elections

I have gone on record asking that the city re-look at the utility tax in the hope that all, or at least part, of it can be eliminated.

Harry Dotson 1994 Elections

I have always fought against the utility user's tax. And it appears no one on the council has even taken a look at other resources, because it's easy to keep spending our tax dollars.

David Shawver 1994 Elections

Yes, the 6 percent utilities tax should be rescinded. This is a major issue with me, and I believe that next year this tax should be reduced by a minimum 2 percent and within four years be completely eliminated.

Brian Donahue 1994 Elections







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